Embracing the Principles of “Natural Law” for Improving Ourselves, Our Lives, and the Lives of Others 

The study of “Natural Law” seems to be something of the past. It is surprising that it isn’t really a common topic in high school philosophy classes, and even in college classes. However, for those who are familiar with the concept of “Natural Law”, know that its principles are inescapable within our existence. Understanding it and applying it within our lives can prove to be very beneficial towards our achievements, our relationships, and our happiness. Natural laws affect our lives,…

Business Owner

New Year Resolutions for the Business Owner : 10 Things to Consider Before the New Year 

For many business owners, the end of the year is not only a time for reflection on the events, accomplishments, challenges, etc., that occurred during the year, but also to gear up for the coming year. Although, it may be easier to take the time off and wait until the New Year to begin your business goals and resolutions, it can be very beneficial, from a business and personal standpoint, to finish the planning in December. Instead of treating January…

Letter from Steven

Welcome Letter 

Welcome to the Family Fortunes Blog- The desire of informing clientele and other interested readers with the latest thoughts on managing and protecting family wealth and the family business, has fueled my motivation to create this blog. There are many variables within tax laws, financial markets, family dynamics, managing a business, legal matters, and life in general, that can affect the value and stability of wealth within the family. It makes sense to research and write about the timely issues…

Family Legacy

Creating an “Ethical Will” As Part of Your Family Legacy Development 

Many affluent individuals and families are becoming more and more familiar with the concept of passing on wishes and instructions to loved ones in the form of a written document or a video recording. Several years ago, a movie titled “The Ultimate Gift,” was based on this concept, where James Garner was the character who had passed away, communicated his instructions and requirements on a video tape to the youngest family heir. It was a very effective tool in the…

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