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Family Legacy Planning

The Family Meeting Series: Discussion of a Shared Value – Gratitude 

Gratitude – What a powerful yet simple thing in our lives; to have a mindset of gratitude – We can all benefit from a continued effort to master it. Experts have concluded that it is vital for a happy life and a healthy family. It’s a wonderful value to share within a family. In the past, I have written articles about Family Legacy Development for families with significant wealth. Family Legacy Development is vital if a family wishes to preserve…

Family Legacy Planning

Welcome Letter 

Welcome to the Family Fortunes Blog- The desire of informing clientele and other interested readers with the latest thoughts on managing and protecting family wealth and the family business, has fueled my motivation to create this blog. There are many variables within tax laws, financial markets, family dynamics, managing a business, legal matters, and life in general, that can affect the value and stability of wealth within the family. It makes sense to research and write about the timely issues…